Tell Wes Moore to Protect the Chesapeake Bay!

Governor Moore,

I am shocked at the ill thought and secretive plan to use the Chesapeake Bay as a dumping ground.

On Friday the 24th, the public was told that toxic waters from the East Palestine train derailment would be brought to a private facility in Baltimore and dumped into the Baltimore City sewer system. The public had less than four business days to understand the proposal.

In the water is vinyl chloride as well as so-called forever chemicals PFOA and PFOS in excess of the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed drinking water standard.

The waters would ultimately be sent to the Back River Wastewater Treatment Plant which has chronically failed, forcing partially treated sewage into Back River. The plant suffered a recent explosion which is once again causing solid backups at the plant.

The plant, which isn’t functioning, doesn’t have the capability to remediate any of these chemicals or carcinogens that may still be in the water. Why are we forcing this water into a failing plant and an unhealthy river?

This plant is one of the primary sources of pollution of the Chesapeake Bay. Forcing it to handle chemicals that are a rick to public health and to our environment is a terrible idea.

Reports are now coming from Ohio that testing at the derailment site is “flawed” and doesn’t give the full picture of the contamination.

Public health and the environment are at risk. I demand that you take action immediately to stop this proposal!

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