Help Me Fight to Fix the Mail Problems

The problems with our mail delivery are bigger than most people understand.

From Dundalk to Edgemere to Rosedale to Essex, mail delivery has become a train wreck.

Lack of daily mail delivery, packages hung in transit, deliveries sent to other states, massively delayed medications…the stories are unbelievable.

The problem has come to a boiling point. I am not waiting any longer on federal leadership. I have decided to investigate unconventional options for addressing this issue. I am currently looking into legal authorities and legal standing we may have to pursue relief.

To help achieve this, I need feedback from people who are impacted or suffered from a lack of mail service. I am asking for feedback from people who have experienced problems with the mail.

I have created a form below to help aggregate information from residents. If you have experienced mail problems, can you please fully fill out the form below?

Also, if you know anyone who has experienced mail problems, can you please share this questionnaire with them?

We have waited long enough for people to do their jobs. It is time for us to force the issue. Please help me collect information about this problem so we can attack this issue!


How long have you experienced mail problems?(Required)
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