No Special Privileges for Murderers

Amy Caprio was murdered by the getaway car of organized burglars.

Today, Democrats in Annapolis are pushing legislation to let her killers out of jail early.

Late last night, in violation of its own public notification rules, the Maryland House Judiciary Committee quietly added bills to its voting agenda to decrease life sentences for juveniles convicted of murder.

If passed, HB 409 / SB 494 will eliminate life sentences for the killers of Amy Caprio – and any juvenile convicted of murder in Maryland – forever.

I have talked with people in our district who have lost family members to crime. Frankly, there aren’t any words for how terrible it feels. I don’t ever want to have to talk to another person about how they have lost a person they loved so dearly.

Violent crime is an escalating problem in our state and in our region. With chronic yearly murder rates in Baltimore City of over 300 fatalities a year, it is an offense to me that Democrats are even considering special privileges for murderers.

I have no tolerance for murder – straight up. But I am just one vote in Annapolis.

I need your help. Can you please sign this petition so that we can rally Marylanders against this injustice?

I want justice for Amy Caprio and for all the Marylanders who have lost a family to crime. A system that provides criminals a better future that the victim is insanity.

Will you please sign this petition today?

Delegate Robin Grammer

Justice for Amy Caprio

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