No-Nonsense Education Reform

Delegate Grammer attends the reopening of the Patriot Java Stop after passing the JAVA Act.

When I first ran for office, I promised to put the decision making authority back into the schools, empower teachers and take the politics out of education. Since that time, I have fought corruption in our school system, passed laws ensuring more transparency and protected local decision making of our teachers. Here are some of the things I accomplished in my time in the House of Delegates as well as my platform for reform.

  • Protected Teacher Decision Making – When the State Board of Education shut down the Patriot Java Stop at Patapsco High School, I sponsored – and passed – the “JAVA Act” putting control back in the hands of teachers, reopening the program.
  • Forced Transparency at the Board of Education – The members of the Baltimore County Board of Education were taking votes and actions and hiding it from the public. These votes radically impacted the every day lives of thousands of Baltimore County residents. I sponsored – and passed – the Education Transparency Act to force the Board of Education to take roll call votes and make these votes available to the public.
  • Fought to Audit School System Corruption – It is clear that various members of school system leadership are exploiting our school system for personal gain. Some have even gone to jail. I was happy to be the sole sponsor of a bill that would audit Baltimore County Public Schools to ensure accountability and put an end to pay-to-pay politics.
  • Restore Discipline in Our Classrooms – The lack of discipline in our classrooms has put teacher safety and student education in jeopardy. We must restore discipline in our classrooms so that we are teaching the next generation that their actions have consequences.
  • Reinvest in Vocational Training – Maryland has thousands of unfilled jobs in skilled trades and thousands of unemployed residents who don’t have the skills to fill those jobs. That is the “skills gap.” We need to reinvest in vocations and the skilled trades so that we can connect working Marylanders with good-paying skilled trades positions.

I have always been there when our students, parents and teachers needed me. Can I count on you to be there for me this election?

Can I count on your vote on Tuesday, November 6th?

Yes, Robin - you have my vote!

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