Hogan Endorses Robin Grammer for Delegate

“Robin Grammer is tough as nails and is always fighting for the people of district six. I endorse Delegate Grammer and I ask you to support him so that we can continue our fight to protect our communities and Change Maryland for the better.”

-Governor Larry Hogan

As a proud member of the Hogan Team, I have worked hard over the last four years in Annapolis. Here are some of the things that I have accomplished in the House of Delegates.

  • Mandatory Minimum Sentences for Repeat Violent Offenders – I helped pass legislation that requires a 10-year mandatory minimum sentence for repeat offenders. This new law will help us put violent criminals behind bars and take back our streets.
  • Defeated Section 8 Mandates – Fringe groups attempted to push mandated section 8 in both Baltimore County and the State of Maryland legislatures. I rallied public support to help defeat these bills and won every time.
  • Defeated “Sanctuary State” Criminal Shielding – In parts of our state, “sanctuary state” legislation has created zones of lawlessness where we now see escalating gang violence. In 2017, I rallied the public to kill the sanctuary state bill and won.
  • Repealed the “Rain Tax” – The Rain Tax was levying thousands of dollars in new taxes on residents and small business owners just for owing developed property. I was happy to help repeal this job destroying tax.
  • Fought to Audit School System Corruption – It is clear that various members of school system leadership are exploiting our school system for personal gain. Some have even gone to jail. I was happy to be the sole sponsor of a bill that would audit Baltimore County Public Schools to ensure accountability and put an end to the pay-to-pay system.
  • Passed Transparency Legislation – The Baltimore County Board of Education was voting to make radical changes to the every day lives of students and parents without ever recording how they were voting. I sponsored and passed legislation requiring a roll call vote on every vote and requiring those votes to be posted publicly.
  • Sponsored Legislation to Protect Man-O-War Shoal – For forty years, the state has destroyed natural resources to subsidize private industry on the eastern shore. We should not destroy our natural resources as short term solutions. I was happy to sponsor legislation that would prohibit the state from dredging Man-O-War Shoal.

We have worked hard and accomplished a great deal. However, I need your help to continue our fight to protect our communities.

Can I count on your vote on Tuesday, November 6th?

Yes, Robin - you have my vote!

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