Protect Our Communities

We are seeing historic levels of crime that is threatening communities. To ensure the safety of our families we must reform our criminal justice and disciplinary policies.  As your Delegate, I pledge to fight to protect our communities!

  • Support Our Law Enforcement

Law enforcement put their lives on the line to protect our families. Criminals are targeting law enforcement on the streets and activists are chipping away at the Law Enforcement Officers Bill of Rights (LEOBOR) in Annapolis. I voted to protect our law enforcement and the Law Enforcement Officers Bill of Rights. I pledge to support law enforcement in their duties and do everything I can to deploy more law enforcement in our communities.

  • Put Violent Offenders in Jail

Our region is experiencing a historic level of homicides and Baltimore County is seeing an increase in violent crimes due to a justice system that is weak on crime. In 2018, I joined a coalition of lawmakers to pass legislation requiring mandatory sentences for violent offenders. I pledge to fight to put violent offenders behind bars.

  • No Sanctuary State

In parts of our state, “sanctuary state” legislation has created zones of lawlessness where we have started to see escalating gang violence. In 2017, I rallied the public to kill the sanctuary state bill and won. I pledge to fight against sanctuary state legislation and repeal it in Baltimore County.

  • Stop Section 8

Fringe groups attempted to push mandated section 8 in both Baltimore County and the State of Maryland legislatures. I rallied public support to help defeat these bills and won every time. I pledge to fight mandated section 8.

  • Restore School Discipline

Unaccountable education bureaucrats have banned discipline in schools and threatened teachers who speak out. The result is classrooms that are out of control. We are teaching our students that there is no actions for their consequences. This policy is robbing students of their education opportunities. I pledge to fight to restore discipline in our schools and our classrooms.

I ask you to join me in this campaign to stand up for our families and to protect our communities.

Can I count on your vote on Tuesday, November 6th?

Yes, Robin - you have my vote!





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